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The Bassett Park in Hamden

The Basset Park is located a little bit deeper in Hamden, maybe a 10-15 minutes drive from new haven. I stumbled upon the park when I got lost on the way to the Rascals Gym to pick up my daughter. Then I saw this beautiful playground right next to the road. Then I started bring my daughter over after her camp for a picnic lunch in the park.

The playground is right next to the parking lot and right next to the street. The playground is really big, and stretched in a long way. It has a sandbox with many toys. Then it has a play-set for kids to climb and grab. It has a spinning rod. It also has a gazebo for sitting in.

Then you walk a few steps to go to the playground that is under the shade. Spread out over on the right side of the playground, it has 2 regular swings, 2 baby swings, and 1 tire swing. It has a low-monkey bar for toddler’s size.

I didn’t see the water fountain. But since I have only been there a couple times I could be wrong. Half of the playground is under the shade.


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