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The Ella B Scantlebury playground in new haven, next to Yale Health

We have been to the playground many times. Since it is conveniently located right next to the building of Yale Health on 55 lock street, it is much easier to convince the kids to pay a doctor’s visit. I had to look up its name today. Our family call it ‘the doctor’s playground’.

There might be street parking around, but most of the time I just parked in the garage of the doctor’s building. It is free for the first 90 minutes, or after 5pm.

It has all the features of a nice ordinary playground. It has 4 regular swings, 2 baby swings and 1 tire swing. (I don’t why I always count the swings. They are just so classic and forever loved by my kids). It has two play-set, one for big kids (5-12) and one for smaller kids (2-5), with the latter fenced in.

What is unordinary is that, during hot hot summer, it has a splash pad! I have seen splash pads in paid parks, but this one is completely free! It features water guns, water buckets, water spraying snakes, fountains, all the things you would see in a fun splash pad.

The playground also has a basket-ball field, large area of green, picnic tables and benches. It has a drinking fountain and is not in the shade. Bathrooms can be found in the doctor’s building.


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