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The Farmington Canal Trail – the vertical park

I didn’t know about the Farmington Canal Trail at all even after 10 years living in New Haven. My husband recently discovered it because he was taking a walk around the doctor’s playground (waiting for the rest of the family to be done with the playground). Then he saw signs for going on the trail. He went on and walked a couple miles, and couldn’t wait to share the news with me.

The trail was built on abandoned railroads and canals. It can last for 84 miles and go all the way from New Haven to Northampton, MA! It is generally sized, with a width of 1-2 car’s width. It is nicely paved, with trees on both sides. So most of the trail is in the shade!

While in New Haven, the trail has to cross streets from time to time. Once it goes to Hamden, it goes long without any stopping. Since it was built upon used railroads and canals, the path goes through neighborhood, commercial district, farms, woods etc. On the section of the path that is parallel to Dixwell Ave, it is hard to believe, that right next to the busy street, there is such a peaceful oasis for people to enjoy the nature.

It’s a great place to walk, jog, and especially to bike! It doesn’t have bathrooms, but you can hop out from to nearby stores for bathrooms. It doesn’t seem to take up much space at all, because it is a long linear path. But it seems like infinite amount of space. It’s the vertical park.

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