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The John P. Denicola Park in Hamden – a great playground in the shade

The playground located right next to the new haven – hamden border so it is easy to get to. We first noticed this playground when we were on the way to monkeyjoes. It was a playground covered by so much shade that I couldn’t even make out what was in it. A playground under shade is a huge deal for the summer. So we came back again and again.

The playground is large, and also completely fenced in. When you first get in, there is a little rope climbing challenge right in front of you. After you pass the challenge, you see the nice playground with wood chips covering the ground.

It has four swings, two rocking animals on spring, a chu-chu train for some kids to go in, and for most kids to go on top of. It has a big rock in the center of the playground, with the name of the park on it, and is also often used for kids to climb and sit on. It has a big rocking boat (with one broken bar as of summer of 2017). It also has a wooden play-set that has a draw-bridge, connecting to some monkey bars, rock climbing and slides.

The playground has lot of trees, which brought the shade. It is very spacious so kids can safely run around. My kids have made good friends in the playground. It does not have bathrooms. In 2016 I have seen porta potties, but not in 2017. It does have water fountain and free parking.


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