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Bodie’s place in milford

Updates on 201708, they just recently renovated the tennis courts. Now they have 6 brand new tennis courts!

I still first heard of the playground from the Out and About Mom. After we went, another friend of us also mentioned the place, and said it was like a “Disney World”. Ok, that would be an exaggeration. But this is a playground you don’t want to miss!

The playground could be tricky to spot because it could be hiding behind some trees but the flashing light warned me. It has its own parking lot. (Last time we went in 04/2017, it seemed like they were getting rid of the tennis court to put in more parking). The playground is completely fenced-in. And it is quite large.

The playground is divided into two parts (in the same fenced-in area). The first part is closer to the front gate, and it is mostly under the shade from a large tree that is in the middle of the part. It has a cute metal-wire school bus, a large sand box, several rocking animals, two spinning plates, one mom-and-baby swing, three regular swings and one tire-swing. It also has a fun small play-set for smaller kids.

The other part is built on a slightly lower level, that has a large play-set for bigger kids, two spinning rods, and a median-sized rope-climbing pyramid. The large play-set has tree-trunk to climb on, lili-pad obstacle course, ladder, game, tunnel, more climbing towers, very fun.



It is a really large playground and partially under the shade. Sometimes it can be really crowded, such as the spring break week. It has physical bathrooms and water fountains. But I’m not sure whether they only work after memorial day.


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