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Josh’s Jungle Playground in Hamden

I heard of the playground from Out and About Mom. Then my next door neighbor mentioned it to us too.

The playground is conveniently located next to the Hamden Library. They share the same parking lot. (The first we went, it took me some turning around to realize that.)

Right in front of the playground are two giraffes. My kids love to ride on them! Although they could be very hot during the summer. The playground is completely fenced-in, and looks brand new as of our last visit in the spring of 2017. It is like a giant maze, with many intertwining paths, and has slides, tunnels, climbing ladders, towers. Sometimes I have trouble locating my kids! It is a perfect place for toddlers who just learned how to walk, because there are walls along the path that kids could hold on to. Big kids enjoy it too because they could play hide-and-seek.

The playground has very little shade. It is inside of a large park that has lots of green. You can easily do a picnic under a tree in the park.


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