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The Wooster-square playground in new haven, another shade in the summer!

We first went to the playground in 2015 to have a play day with a friend who lived nearby. I surprisingly noticed that it was completely in the shade! What a big plus for the hot summer days!

The playground locates in the Wooster Square area in new haven. It’s right in front of “Little Italy”. It is a neighborhood playground, so parking can be a bit tricky. Just make sure not to park on the side of the street that has zone limits which are only for the residents of that area. Since most people who go to the playground live nearby, so we never had much trouble finding street parking.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.08.01 AM

The playground itself has sufficient equipment to make it fun. It is fenced-in. On the left side of the playground, it has two baby swings and two regular flat-bottom swings. On the other side, it has a play-set that features a rock-rope climbing wall, a tower-climbing wall, a twisty slide and two smaller slides. It also has a metal bouncy ring that can fit at least 4 kids.

There is more green space in the playground, so kids can run around. The playground is often visited by the residents who are always very friendly.

Across the street, there is a coffee shop called “Fuel”. I have heard people saying good things about it before I ever went in. One day I had to go in, because my kids needed to use the bathroom. So we went in and used the bathroom. After that, when I was trying to pick some food to buy to compensate for the usage of bathroom, the owner of the shop took out two hot-coco and gave them to my kids, for free! He said that he had kids too. That was a wonderful experience.

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