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The Connecticut Children’s Museum in New Haven

The Connecticut Children’s Museum in New Haven is not an ordinary museum. First of all, it is called Children’s Museum, but it is not a member of the Children’s Museum Association. Secondly, it only opens Friday afternoon and the weekends. The admission is $7 in cash per person. It is located right in downtown New Haven, on Wall street crossing Orange street. Usually there is plenty of meter parking around the museum during the time it is open.

The museum is composed of two-floors, with 3-5 rooms on each floor. On the first floor, the first room is music related with different instruments. You can also make a wind-chime using the provided materials. The next room has some gears, pathway building, puzzles. The next room has a post offices and books. The room cross the hallway is a giant construction site, where kids can put on customs and use different tools.

On the second floor, the largest room is for the Saturday Puppet show. During other times, you can do some crafts, try out some big boots, and look into funny mirrors. Next to the room is the “Goodbye moon”. It decorated exactly like the room in the famous bed-time story book, with green paints, red carpets, a little bed, and a bunny. On the bookshelf in the room, it has the translated version of the story book in many different languages. Very impressive! Across the hallway from the room, there is a animal room, with magnifying classes to look at bugs and shells. It also has a real bee hive!

Between the top and bottom floor, there is also a intercom that can communicate between the green room and one other room. It is such a surprise to hear the telephone ring and to hear a friendly voice from a different room.

The museum is a nice little place in the center of the town. Saturday because of the puppet show it is usually more crowded. Other times you

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