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Kids City in Middletown

It is a museum, with EVERYTHING hands on. It is a playground, with so much fun. We first knew about this place when my oldest was 1. We have been going to it every half a year or so. In 2016 or so, they finished building the castle. Then the admission was raised to $9 per person (from $8). And it is completely worth it!

The museum has maybe 10 rooms. And each one has a specific theme. There are some big ones, such as the gigantic castle, the fish room, the underground ocean place, the grocery store, the general room that has a bit of everything. Some are smaller, such as the farm, the block room, the rain-forest room, and the puppet show room. Everyone was very well decorated and designed so that you can touch, pickup and play with the things there. You can do some crossbow in the castle, or use the various conveyor belt in the fish room, or push the ball in the air-flowing pipe and watch it travels in the general room.

It’s half an hour drive from new haven. It has metered parking outside of the museum. The museum also has a nice cafeteria place for you to eat, but it does not sell food. It also does birthday parties, but only for up to 8 kids. Some times the place can be really busy, but kids still have plenty of fun.



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