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The Hannah’s Dream playground in East Shore Park

The Hannah’s Dream playground in the East Shore Park is one of the biggest playgrounds in New Haven. It was just renovated in 2017 (during which they fixed the cracked grounds and the beloved tire swing, and added a seesaw!).

The playground has a large play-set for 5-12 yrs. It has a long winding path that connects to slides, ladders, slopes, monkey bars, sliding pole, bells, you name it. It also has a small set for 2-5 yrs that looks a bit like the inside of a rocket ship. It has two baby swings, two regular flat-bottom swings, and two chair swings, and a tire swing. It has a large sandbox with metal diggers. This playground may be more ordinary compared to some of the others, but it has lots of space, and my kids had a lot of fun playing tag with kids they just met in the playground.



The playground is located in East Shore Park in New Haven right along the harbor. It is where the little leagues have their baseball trainings and games. The park also has several soccer fields, tennis courts, huge open spaces, and narrow rocky beaches.The park has huge grass fields. It is very relaxing to just go in the park and walk around. Although kids always want to end up in the playground even though they have been there many times. (And they always want an ice-cream whenever the ice-cream truck is there).


The playground has a water fountain that features three faucets, one for filling the bottle, one for drinking, and for one filling bowls of water for dogs! It has porta potties during the summer.

It doesn’t have much shade, so make sure to bring sunscreen on summer days.


free activities · playground

The Pease Place Playground in Woodbridge – the rocket ship!

This is another playground that is sort of out of the way for New Haven residents, maybe a 20 minute drive? Although you do not want to miss this playground. It was built in 2015. It still looked brand new last time we checked in 06/2017. I learned about this place from another mom’s blog, the big list of Connecticut playgrounds. (I have been trying to go to the ones on the list, but some are really far from here.)

Have you seen the biggest (tunnel) slide ever, which is built on top of a gigantic rocket ship? My jaw almost fell off when I saw it. The playground was so new and so modern! Besides the giant rocket ship that all kids are climbing, it also has a super large climbing rope pyramid, which is even bigger than the one in Bodie’s playground in Milford. My boy was finally able to get to the top when he was a bit over 5. The rocket ship has stairs and a ladder, so my daughter at 2.5 was able to get to the top. (Although getting down the slide took some peer-pressure magic.)

The playground has 5 regular swings, 1 chair swing, 2 baby swings, and a tire swing. It has a big play-set for 5-12 yrs, which centers the rocket ship, but also has connecting other climbing paths and structures to it, and other smaller slides. It also has a small play-set for 2-5 yrs. In addition, it has a bouncy stripe pathway, a small basket ball field, picnic tables, some metal drum type of thing for making music, and a gigantic soccer field. Most of the time we went there the field was empty, so kids could run around and climb on a big rock next to it.


It has water fountain, and porta potties. The only downside of the playground is that, you don’t want to go on a hot hot summer day because there is no shade except a small square space in the middle of the playground, with the music instruments.